Why KVT?

What sets us apart

10 good reasons to choose KVT

Producing durable coating systems that are tailored to specific requirements and complete assemblies whose coating systems fit the customer's needs to perfection requires an in-depth understanding of the entire production process. This includes a knowledge of metallurgy, proven and stable thermal spraying processes, an excellent mastery of machining techniques, leading-edge plant and equipment, and a meticulous commitment to quality control throughout the entire process.


Whenever abrasion, high temperatures, high pressure levels, large numbers of cycles and high flow velocities are critical factors, we are the people to talk to.


Why it pays to work with KVT:

1. Long-term focus

  • This explains why we attach supreme importance to the training and qualifications of our people – a vital factor if we are to stand by our customers as a long-term strategic partner. 
  • We constantly invest in technology and production structures to realize competitive advantages on behalf of our customers. 
  • We are an owner-run company with a focus on creating lasting value. Customers can therefore rely on our partnership and support at all times. 

2. Rapid, flexible response

  • Our owner-run, family-owned business structure enables us to quickly make clear and binding statements to customers. 
  • Our structures give us the flexibility we need to satisfy our customers' needs and wishes at any time. That is our guarantee! 
  • Strategic partnerships with our customers enable us to respond rapidly, verifiably saving our customers time and money. 

3. Experience in our chosen market since 1986

  • We take customer loyalty seriously. Our customers testify that cooperation with KVT genuinely adds value. 
  • Since 1986 we have emerged as the top address in Europe in the thermal spraying segment. 
  • Our customers – and especially their design, production, sales and purchasing departments – benefit from this expertise. 

4. Strict focus on core competencies

  • We are proven specialists in the valve, drilling and mechanical engineering industries.  
  • All our production activities specialize in these areas. Our customers reap the benefits in terms of lower costs. 
  • In our core competencies, we place our in-depth technical expertise at our customers' disposal. Both they and we benefit from the resultant synergies. 

5. Commitment to quality

  • At KVT, service begins with technical consulting and ends with top-quality delivery. 
  • We constantly strive to improve solutions and provide even greater benefits to our customers. 
  • Our substantial commitment to research projects in the context of business associations and university chairs consistently gives us a valuable competitive edge. 

6. No-gaps mastery of key technologies

  • Our range of expertise spans the entire production process, from design to machining, from coating to finishing. 
  • Advanced technological consulting skills make us the ideal partner for our customers on all matters relating to wear-resistance. 
  • Our stable production set-up and processes maximize product quality and guarantee a genuine competitive advantage in the international arena. 

7. Full-line provider of prefinished components

  • Our production of complete, prefinished components gives customers the guarantee of top quality and only a single point of contact for the entire design, purchasing and sales process. 
  • The true quality of a component or assembly is determined by all the skills and expertise that went into it during production. That is why we supply our customers with complete, high-end, prefinished components. 
  • Differences in the quality of product solutions only become apparent at the end of the production process. Accordingly, the true value of a supplier becomes clear only when the entire purchasing value chain is analyzed. We set the standards in this area, creating significant savings potential for our customers.

8. One-stop shopping

  • Completing, monitoring and controlling the entire production process in house enables us to reduce the number of interfaces – and the potential frictional losses to which they can lead – for our customers. 
  • You can only guarantee quality for those aspects of the production process that you control. That is why we control every last detail – in the interests of our customers. 
  • The smaller the number of suppliers involved in manufacturing products, the higher the quality, the more punctual and reliable the delivery and the greater the potential savings. That is why extensive vertical integration sets us apart. 

9. More value for money

  • This depth of vertical integration enables our customers to influence their own cost structure too – another genuine advantage of close collaboration. Seeing the big picture in this way helps you and us to generate substantial cost benefits. 

10. New areas of application

  • Advanced  KVT Coating Systems® satisfy stricter requirements, allowing the same product solutions to penetrate new areas of application. 
  • KVT Coating Systems® can substantially improve the efficiency of both product solutions and processes. 
  • Longer service intervals create a clear competitive advantage and give our customers yet another powerful selling point.