Relentless improvement

Research & development

Growing our expertise

Ever greater demands are being placed on products to prevent wear and corrosion. Our goal in developing and improving coating systems is to be the market leader.

Achieving this goal necessitates an applied approach to research and development. Our efforts to continue improving and developing KVT Coating Systems® focus on every individual detail as well as on the interplay between the various components.  Specifically, that includes: 



  • The quality and composition of spray materials 
  • The metallurgical properties of the base material 
  • The demands placed on products by different applications 
  • Production technology conditions 
  • Plant engineering considerations 
  • The reproducibility of production processes 
  • An in-depth knowledge of tribology 

We aim to chart new paths and explore the technical and physical limits of our chosen discipline.

Our years of experience and proven expertise in thermal spraying combine with meticulous scientific work to help us continuously develop and improve our KVT Coating Systems®.

We invest heavily in both the people and technologies we need to sustain this drive toward perfection.