Data security

Data protection

Managing information security

Managing information security 

Use and dissemination

All personal data is treated with the strictest confidentiality. The data needed to process business transactions is stored and may be passed on to affiliated companies.

We take every organizational and technical precaution within our power to protect your data. None of your personal data will ever be passed on to non-affiliated third parties, except insofar as and to the extent that this is necessary in order to satisfy your requirements as our customer. No personal data is passed on to business information services.

In any and all information request forms on our website, only those fields that are absolutely necessary to allow us to process your inquiries (name, street address, zip code and city) are indicated as compulsory entries. All other information is purely voluntary. During data processing, any and all sensitive information is protected in accordance with legal stipulations.

Requests for information

If you fill out forms or request information on our website, your inquiries are processed by KVT Kurlbaum AG itself and not passed on to third parties. On our website, we only gather information that is necessary to process our offerings. 

Access to this website

The log files created automatically when visitors access our website are stored for a certain period of time. These log files contain information such as: 

  • The date and time of access 
  • The volume of data transferred 
  • Access status information 
  • A description of the type of web browser used 
  • The page numbers for pages accessed on the KVT Kurlbaum AG website 

In accordance with the German Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG), the network address (IP address) is not stored in the log files. All analysis of website traffic is anonymized. Log files are only generated internally within the system and are deleted at regular intervals.

Links to other websites

This website may contain links to the websites of other companies. To access these external websites, click the corresponding links. KVT Kurlbaum AG is not responsible for the content of websites accessed via external links. All content, opinions expressed and factual claims on linked websites are the sole responsibility of the respective authors and do not reflect the views of KVT Kurlbaum AG. 

Copyright notice
All information and design elements published on this server is protected by copyright. 

Rights to use
The copy, software files and/or graphical elements published within the framework of this web service may be used for non-commercial, private or educational purposes, provided that: 

  • The information is not modified 
  • Our ownership of the copyright is explicitly acknowledged on every copy 
  • Users have the opportunity to view the entire copyright notice 

Requirement for consent
Any and all other uses require the prior written consent of KVT Kurlbaum AG. 

Data security

All employees of KVT Kurlbaum AG are bound by professional secrecy with regard to personal data. All data stored by KVT Kurlbaum AG is protected from abuse by third parties. Our security precautions are constantly being improved in line with technological developments. 


Pursuant to § 28 Para. 4 German Federal Data Protection Act (§ 22a BDSG) and § 4 Para. 3 German Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG), you can contact KVT Kurlbaum AG at any time to revoke the company's right to use and/or process your data for the purposes described above. Upon receipt of your objections or notice of revocation, KVT Kurlbaum AG will no longer use, process or pass on any of the data concerned.