What makes KVT tick

Mission, vision and values

The focus of everything we do

The coating systems we have been developing and producing since 1986 to meet the most exacting requirements and are successfully deployed around the globe.

Every one of our development and production processes is designed to maximize quality.

At the same time, we supply our customers with complete, prefinished components and systems that minimize wear.

Our mission

We protect the value you invest in products and extend production cycles in order to conserve resources. 

Our vision

  • We want to be the European technology leader in the development and production of coating systems and assemblies that prevent wear in the valve and drilling industries. 
  • We want KVT high-pressure valves to establish us as an international specialist for the gas industry. 
  • We want to serve as a strategic partner for our customers, developing and producing coating systems and assemblies that genuinely add value to the products they sell to their own customers. 

Our values

  • As a family-run business, we remain true to our heritage and history in everything we think and do.
  • As a technology business, we strive to maximize quality in each and every process. 
  • Our strategic partners are the focus of everything we do. 
  • Our people are the source and mainstay of our success. We actively foster a culture of partnership and tolerance in our dealings with each other, a culture rooted in mutual appreciation, respect, honesty, openness and honoring commitments. 
  • We actively promote the personal and professional development of all our people. 



Why KVT?

What sets us apart

Whenever abrasion, high temperatures, high pressure levels, large numbers of cycles and high flow velocities are critical factors, we are the people to talk to.

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