Benefits of KVT Coating Systems®

How you benefit

Why it pays to work with KVT

Every year, friction, wear and corrosion cost the world's economies between 2% and 5% of their Gross National Product (GNP). For Germany alone, that adds up to tens of billions of euros!

Closer attention to tribological considerations during the design, research and development phases and in the field is delivering tangible savings on energy and material inputs, production and maintenance. That saves both energy resources and raw materials, avoids pollution of the environment and improves occupational safety.

The benefits of KVT Coating Systems: 

  1. Deployment in the field in thousands of very real and very challenging situations provides hard evidence of our experience and success. 
  2. Developing coating systems and minimizing wear has been our specialty since 1986 – a track record that guarantees optimal quality. 
  3. Constant, ongoing dialogue and collaborative development projects with industry and the university landscape is your guarantee that we are always on the cutting edge of technology – and thinking ahead of the curve. 
  4. Using KVT Coating Systems gives you the opportunity to position your product lines successfully in additional, forward-looking areas of application.
  5. KVT Coating Systems enable you to significantly improve the lasting efficiency of both your processes and your products. 
  6. All plant engineering systems seek to extend servicing intervals. KVT Coating Systems guarantee that this goal will be achieved! 
  7. Mastering your customers' technological and economic challenges with products that boast optimized wear-resistance will boost your customer retention in the long term. 
  8. You can rely on a trustworthy partner whose excellent engineering skills enable it to identify and choose the right coating system every time.