The KVT process

One-stop shopping

Producing durable coating systems that are tailored to specific requirements and complete assemblies whose coating systems fit the customer's needs to perfection requires an in-depth understanding of the entire production process. This includes a knowledge of metallurgy, proven and stable thermal spraying processes, an excellent mastery of machining techniques, leading-edge plant and equipment, and a meticulous commitment to quality control throughout the entire process.

That is the way we have been working for about 30 years. Ultimately, a passion for the fine details is what sets KVT Coating Systems® apart – and what our customers have come to value.

Application development 

When developing wear-resistant applications, the first step is determining what form of wear is involved and what combination of influences affects the wearing process. Coupled with the production technology options available at KVT, a precise definition of the environment creates the framework within which we develop applications. Our expertise as a specialist for coating systems also plays an important part – which is why we developed a broad variety of KVT Coating Systems®.