Metal-seated sealing systems

We are convinced that the future belongs to metal-seated sealing systems!

The demands and challenges that modern ball valves are called on to master – in terms of temperature, pressure, abrasion and flow velocity – are increasing relentlessly.

Soft-seated systems quickly reach their limits in such challenging environments – another argument for a thorough, total cost analysis of metal-seated sealing systems. At the same time, the sensible use of standardization can make metal-seated systems so attractively priced that they compete very closely with soft-seated systems. This shift is readily apparent in the marketplace.

Industries in which metal-seated ball valves are used 

  • Chemical industry 
  • Oil and gas industry 
  • Petrochemical industry 
  • Food industry 
  • Pharmaceutical industry 
  • Energy industry 
  • Plastics industry 
  • Cement and lime industry